Your Safety Has Always Been Our Top Priority

With Victoria now going into a 6 week lock down and we have the unknown time ahead for Queensland I wanted to do a little blog post on what measures I am taking as a certified newborn photographer.

Your safety in the Hello Fox Photography Studio has always been our top priority.

Hello Fox Photography Newborn Photography

How we keep you safe

• I would never go ahead with our session if I was feeling unwell, reschedule your session

• Hand washing before, during and after the session

• Hand sanitiser available for use during the session

• All outfits, props, fabrics are cleaned after every session

• The studio is cleaned and all surfaces disinfected between every client

• 24hours minimum between each studio sessions

• Face masks and gloves available

Hello Fox Photography Redland Bay Studio

How you can keep the studio safe

• Only immediate family members to attend the studio session

• All family members must be without illness for at least 72hours prior to your studio session, if you are feeling unwell, please let us know asap and we can reschedule your session

• Use non-contact greeting methods

• Remove your shoes at the door and only bring the essentials with you into the studio

• Wash and sanitise your hands on arrival

Certified Newborn Photographer Brisbane

Covid-19 guide

Do you have these symptoms?

• fever

• cough

• colds

• headache

• shortness of breath

• sore throat

• joint and muscle pain

Have you had exposure to a confirmed Covid-19 patient?

Please advise us immediately, both prior to and for 14 days following your session if you do develop symptoms.

Hello Fox Newborn Photography Brisbane

Our commitment to you

I totally get it, who would of thought you would be pregnant and having a baby during a global pandemic. It is only natural for you to feel worried, anxious, nervous (all of the feelings), especially with a brand new baby.

We would like to reassure you that we are taking all precautions to safeguard our clients, as we have always done.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and we look forward to seeing you soon!

I am a certified and a fully accredited newborn photographer, I have completed my Infant First Aid through CPR Kids and my training though The Academy Of Newborn Photography. I take this side of my work VERY seriously!!

If you would like to check out what questions to ask or if you're wondering what being a certified newborn photographer entails - click here.