How old is too old for a Newborn Session?

Ideally, you should book your newborn photography session during the second or early third trimester.

Optimal time for capturing that beautiful teensy tiny newbornness is really in that first 10 days of their lives. But honestly I have done babes less than a week old and they're completely unsettled, you never know what you're going to get and I am completely baby led. If we're not comfortable we move positions and it's exactly the same for a newborn, except we have to move their little bodies for them. We are completely trained in the correct and safe positions to pose your little baby and I always make sure they're happy at all times.

I wouldn't leave it any later than one month old to get your photography done, realistically, every stage of a baby's life brings different considerations into the mix. Rather than looking at your newborn photography as "is it too late to book", look at it as if “it will just be a difference to the experience?”

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9 Day Old Little Miss Lexi

7 - 10 Days - The Ideal Newborn Session

Important Information: To make this ideal window, you will definitely need to book your session in that second/third trimester.

What can you expect at your session: Newborns under the 10 days are more flexible, they enjoy tighter swaddling, they're pretty happy to sleep between eating and pooping. (except for when you are sleeping), Newborns between those 7 - 10 days are still in a womb like state, and this makes it easy to replicate in those fave, all bundled up poses.

Another bonus – newborns are less likely to have baby acne, which tends to arrive after the 3 to 4 week mark. So, if you’re ultimate goal is to capture the teeny tiny, soft and snuggly newborn, you are best off scheduling a photography session before week two.

Premie and Twins are an exception - premature babes and twin your window is usually a little longer for them to stay in that sleepy and snuggly stage. Sometimes these babes have to stay in hospital a little longer so get in contact if you're unsure on booking them in.

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3 1/2 week old Miss Luna

10 days to 4 weeks - still capturing amazing photos

What to Expect: 10 days to 4 weeks is still a really sweet time to still capture amazing photos, it really all comes down to baby. For example, twins and preemies will still look and act like newborns during this window, but the extra weeks allow them to adjust to post-neonatal ward life.

Your babe might be happy for us to give them a big feed and then sleep enough for me to capture those squishy little poses. We also have lots of tricks to keep them asleep and comfortable without disturbing them too much. If they're not that type of baby and they're wide awake and not looking like they will head off to sleep, this is still perfectly fine and we have many options to still capture all their little details and lots of poses while they're awake, and to be honest, wide eye newborn shots are sometimes my fave. You capture all those little facial expressions.

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Miss Olivia at 8 weeks old

1 to 2 months - eye contact and facial expressions

What to Expect: don't have any expectations on what you will achieve in this sort of session. There is no way to judge if they will be happy to be wrapped up or approve of us slipping them into props and bowls. In all honesty, it isn't the most idea time for "newborn" photography, especially if you're wanting that newborn look. So what we normally focus on for this session is the eye contact and those funny facials they like to pull. If they do decide to have a snooze mid session then bonus, it's not overly worth trying to get them to sleep as they will fight us to the end.

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Miss Marlie 9 month milestone session

4 months to 12 months - milestone session

If you completely missed that newborn session cut off or if you had a crazy start to your new life as a parent (we've all been there).

Between 4 - 12 months, capture some of those exciting milestones – smiles, sitting up, getting up on all fours, intentional and engaging facial expressions, finding their feet and so many more. Perhaps your little one will have chosen a fave teddy or blanket? worth getting some photos before it's been washed a million times and resembles more of a torn up rag then the once vibrant soother it once was.

Each milestone is a celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a photography session. It's true what everyone says, it really does go by so fast! If you're worried you have missed your newborn photography moment, don't be.. Contact Hello Fox Photography today on 0423675736 or email

When you book selected newborn packages with Hello Fox Photography you receive either a free maternity or milestone session.

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