Miss Addison Smash and Splash

Throw back to this time last year and I got the absolute pleasure of capturing little Miss Addison when she was 3 months old.. But still as snuggly as a new born - as this little one decided she wanted to see her Mummy and Daddy early - like over 2 months early!

So after spending the first months of her life in Hospital she has spent the last year at home growing into the most amazing and energetic little lady.

You would never know it, but these photos are take two. Addison's Mummy had made, not 1 but 2 beautiful cakes for our first attempt.. We had her all ready to go but it was all a little to much for this beautiful girl and she was so overwhelmed with my intimidating camera that she got upset every time I would click that shutter so much so that we decided it was not going to happen. I'm sure Mum thought I had scared her for life.

But with Mum's intuition and knowing that she wasn't herself that day (she ended up not being very well at all) we went back to take two and Addison completely rocked her shoot and the photos show just how much fun this little one had. Especially for the splash part!!

Happy Birthday little lady!

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