family and maternity sessions

We know how much energy little ones have and we always recommend one of our exclusive locations for our families. We find that everyone is more relaxed and the little ones can be themselves and run free!

Styling outfits for sessions doesn't have to be hard work. Pick one statement piece and then style everyone else around that one item in neutrals or complimentary colours!! AND BAM, you've got yourself a cohesive family styled session. 

We book our single maternity sessions under our family sessions this is if you're not looking at doing a newborn session with Hello Fox Photography. 

We have a range or gowns available in our client wardrobe. Dresses from Coven and Co and Rove. And Arabella and Rose for the little ladies in your life. Plus much more. 

newborn sessions

All our Newborn Sessions are held in our Redland Bay fully equiped photography studio. 


The most ideal time to do your Newborn Session is when bub is between 7 and 10 days old.  Baby is still nice and sleepy in this time frame and still loving being curled up in that squishy little ball.

Booking Your Session 

We know that all babies don't come when they're supposed to so we would love to pencil you in for your due date and we touch base to lock in a time when your bundle arrives. All our sessions are 2-4 hours, we are completely baby led so there is plenty of time for cuddling and feeding. And we like to keep things as stress free as possible. 

Our newborn styling includes a huge range exclusive props, hats and headbands. And we do aim to get those sweet little naked pictures that show all those beautiful details. But once again, it is baby led and if they're not a huge fan of not being naked than we do our best.  All our Newborn sessions include parent and sibling portraits. 

Important Information 

My number one priority is your brand new little ones safety. Booking with a qualified and trained Newborn Photographer means I will never place your baby in poses that could harm or cause injury. I am fully trained from the Academy Of Newborn Photography and as a part of my qualification, I am also trained in first aid and CPR. All of mine and my immediate families immunisations and boosters including whooping cough are up to date.

 I would always reschedule a session if I was not feeling 100%.

Qualified Newborn Photographer Brisbane
CPR Kids First Aid Training Brisbane Photographer

Little cherub Session

We do either a 6-9 month (sitting, not walking) cherub session with lots of Tummy time, smiles, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting These moments are fleeting and this way you can cherish them long after they’re gone.

12 month milestone includes beautiful portraits capturing all that personality and a milk bath can be included. 

Schedule whenever you feel like you want to capture those precious moments they are achieving.  

These sessions are clean and simple, Keeping props minimal, I like to capture a few of your little on naked and then outfits should be kept simple that way we can focus on those squishy arms, belly rolls, big eyes and tiny fingers & toes.  

We have an extensive range of clothing for girls and boys or please reach out if you need help in choosing an outfit for your milestone session. 





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